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The Advanced Technology 7 logo encompasses a number of underlying threads:

TzolkinImage 1

The Tzolkin displays 4 black branches and a circle in the centre, which represents our Milky Way Galaxy.

Exactly in the centre is a green spot, which represents the wormhole from where the beings come who bring knowledge and information to us, and they are still connected to us. 

This website describes the Milky Way Galaxy

The size of the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way Galaxy is smaller than previously thought and the confirmation of this comes from the addition of ALMA (Atacama Large Millimetre / submillimetre Array) to an interferometric network of radio telescopes, whose sum provides the equivalent of a unique radio telescope with a diameter equal to that of the Earth.

Between us and the central black hole, SgrA *, there has always been a dense fog produced by the scattering effect of the radiation present in the area and this fog has now been reduced by the power of the Very Long Baseline Interferometry to 86 GHz, almost reaching to the black hole. The result, as mentioned, is an area so small as to suggest that the SgrA * jets are directed precisely towards our Solar System.

The emission region is about a thirty millionth of a degree in width and has a symmetrical shape, more approximal of a disc of material rather than a radio jet. Since, however, the presence of radio jets is normally observed, then it is conceivable that these are directed precisely or almost towards us…

Mayan Numbers

If you look at the Mayan number 7, it is exactly next to the centre 2 times in diagonal… this is the strongest connection and the reason why the number 7 is so important on this planet and the reason why that number was chosen.

The following image is the evolution of the symbol which then became definitive in the image below it.

ADV7 Logo EvolutionADV7 Logo

The Tzolkin aims to recover the galactic information that is contributing to alignment with the whole. This leads to conscious operation within the great community of galactic intelligence.

The Tzolkin is the Galactic constant: 13 numbers, 20 symbols and 4 directional positions in rotation; it always returns to itself, repeating itself and pulsing without stopping.

Origin of the AT7 symbol

In our logo, the number 7 is easy to identify, whilst the A and T are positioned for graphical layout reasons, and similarly the reverse 7 which also has the 2 spots, which represent the Mayan number seven.

ADV7 Logo

The number seven for the Maya is the frequency of the Ray of Mystical Power.

Great Wheel of Pachal Votan

The above image is the Great Wheel of Pachal Votan, which is connected to the Tzolkin (Image 1). Note the position of number seven in relation to the 3 symbols. They are the first steps for the development of the Higher Being:

Lamat: The Star

Intuitive realization of the Model of Upper Life, Love, Star Seed.

Muluk: Rain drop

Awakened Consciousness, Communication Principle and Expansion of Higher Life.

Oc: Dog

Guide and Principle of Loyalty, Faithfulness which gives Strength on the Spiritual Journey.


But the number seven is also a period for the Mayan people and they call it the 7 Baktun. Baktun of He who is Consecrated… (353 B.C. to 41 A.C.)


The most important guide of that era was Jesus Christ…