DPE 100 Technical Scientific Report

The writer is neither a company nor a scientist … but only a man …

There are 2 types of men: those who take, exploit and “use” the planet without asking themselves  questions based on the consequences that their behavior will generate, and there are “True Men, often not understood by humans beings such as the Indians, Aboriginal, and, generally, natives, who have tried to convey the concept of how important it is to respect our planet since it is in effect a Living Being that lovingly allows us to live despite what we do.

An irresponsible technology at the service of money and power has created incalculable damages to our Mother Earth and now, mainly as “Men” and then as scientists, we must act to help this Planet to regenerate itself …. even because, ….. in any case …… “She”, The Mother Earth will save herself  by big and dramatic changes, already begun!!!
The point is …. will we be there afterwards?


Planet Earth


Our mission is to make the planet flourish again: it has no sense to create a re-balance, in fact this would be based on our memory, we must help the Earth to completely regenerate itself and return to that of hundreds of years ago …. Clear Skies and Seas and Clean Lands, full of life, a Sun that shines without burning, and so many Trees …….. so we have to refer to an idea that comes before our birth.

All this is possible and we have the technology to do it …. but there are priorities to follow ….

Like all those who seriously have an innovative technology, the first choice to make is whether to do it for money or …. BEING MEN!!

We in Advanced Technology 7 have chosen the second way … for all the children around the world, for the weakest … they will not be able to never have a future ….. nor do we …. without the Planet.

In the present report we show that the man has cut 80% of the trees that the earth had before and has not bothered to replace them with something that fulfilled the same function. This has created a drastic reduction and rupture of the Magnetosphere and consequently of the Ozone layer with the effects described below.

Science has not yet understood the work done by trees simply because it has not understood how the Earth and in general the gravitational forces work.

We will also give you a hint below about this.

We had to make further efforts and redesign new and more powerful equipments due to evolving of dramatic events: terrible fires in Siberia, Amazonia, Europe and America have created a further weakening of the Earth’s Magnetosphere and this is going to trigger a chain effect that we will stop only with your help ….

With the basic version of the DPE 100 we truly have a device able of replacing the work of chlorophyll’s photosynthesis of about 100,000 trees.

So it is necessary to install at least 200,000 to get the work of 20,000,000,000 trees and completely restore the Magnetosphere field.

This is a rapid response in a situation of extreme emergency since we only have a few years left to solve the problem.

But we know our limits as human beings and we have to let Nature do what even the best of technologies can do like She. Today we have 35% less oxygen than we normally need for the life of animals and humans.

With the additional fires that have occurred, this percentage has further increased, which means that the children, the elderly, the weak, all the populations with nutritional deficiencies are the first to have survival difficulties, no one should be left behind ….

Humanity has already had similar experiences, such as the one in London on December 5th , 1952 when a thick blanket of fog fell over the city due to the saturation of carbon dioxide for the coal production plant causing at least 12 thousand deaths of all ages, to which must be added over 100 thousand sick. Despite this, coal has continued to be produced and this type of information has been reduced or hidden.

For this reason we have planned, at a later stage, the idea of creating a foundation that will be called “SAVE MY EARTH” that will be able to donate10 Paulownia trees for each DPE 100 sold, using a portion of sales income. We have chosen this type of tree due to it is fast growing and with broad leaves and is able to produce 3 times the amount of oxygen compared to a normal tree. We will explain further details in a small technical sheet.

Objectives achieved by the DPE 100


  • REGENERATION of the Magnetosphere at the positioning point.
  • REGENERATION of the Ozone layer.
  • DRASTIC reduction of earthquake size.
  • DRASTIC reduction of large meteorological phenomena such as hurricanes, water bombs, hail with oversized ice grains.
  • DRAINING total electromagnetic pollution harmful to humans and animals but not to technological devices.
  • RESTORATION of the sky and air quality as before the industrial era.
  • DRASTIC reduction of Radioactivity.
  • DRASTIC Radon gas reduction.
  • Positioned along the coast it re-harmonizes frequencies cetaceans (whales, dolphins, etc.) use to navigate and therefore avoiding stranding.


  • REDUCTION of the incidence of pathologies related to excessive microwave radiation such as leukemia, lymphomas, breast tumors, epithelial melanomas, brain tumors, changes in cell permeability, metabolism variation, changes in the glandular functions, the immune system, of the central nervous system and behavior, DNA damage. For radiated electromagnetic power density greater than 50 milliwatts / cm2: possible brain lesions influence on cell growth, fetal malformations, internal burns, cataracts, death from heart attack. Other non-thermal or chronic effects for intensity lower than that, which determines the thermal effects, are the variation in the number of lymphocytes and granulocytes (experiments on cells), variations in the level of antibodies and macrophage activity (experiments on animals), tachycardia pain to the eyes, dizziness, depression, limitation of learning ability, memory loss, hair loss.
    In the countries of Eastern Europe, studies have also shown: sterility, increased abortions, lowered fertility.
    According to the US Environment Agency (EPA), out of eight epidemiological studies, five have shown statistically significant risks associated with: lymphatic and haemopoietic neoplasm total cancers in inhabitants (Hawaii) in close proximity to radio frequency (RF) towers, cancer of the hematopoietic system (leukemia, lymphoma and lymphosarcoma, melanoma and exposure to radiation (RF) in Polish officers and military personnel.
  • DRASTIC odor reduction.
  • DRASTIC reduction of damage to humans, property and livestock due to extraordinary meteorological phenomena.
  • DRASTIC reduction of stress and depression due to electrostatic charges and harmful stray energies.
  • Great improvement in sleep quality and rest.
  • DRASTIC reduction of toxic substances.
  • DRASTIC Ultrasound reduction.
  • Clear increase in immune defenses.


  • Nutritional values of fruit and vegetables doubled or tripled.
  • Healthier plants with greener foliage.
  • DRASTIC reduction of damage in agriculture due to extraordinary meteorological phenomena.
  • Doubling of plants and their resistance to pathogens.
  • Sensitive increase in the immune system of plants.


DPE 100

Designed for small extensions, such as condominiums, villas, ideal for cities.


Designed for large extensions such as farms, farms, industries, agricultural crops, livestock and cattle pastures.

DPE SE (Symphony of the Earth)

In planning for very large extensions, achievable at the request of governments for uses of protection of the nation.


These are the meteorological improvements on the environment …. images are better than any word …

WITHOUT DPE 100 (10 JULY 2019) Hurricane area of 250 sq. Km


FIG. 1


FIG. 2


WITH THE DPE 100 (2 August 2019) Hurricane not formed of 180 sq. Km


FIG. 3

FIG. 4


Before positioning the DPE SHIELD, several measurements of the microwaves have been recorded with time, temperature and humidity conditions.

The equipment used is the Electronsmog Meter (100 Mhz – 8 Ghz) by Cornet Microsystem Inc. mod. ED 88T Plus.

We checked the consistency of a difference between the different measurements before and after the installation of the DPE, also compared in different conditions of humidity and temperature.

During the days, more surveys were made with both short and extended times.

All measurements were carried out at 3 meters distance and 2 meters high from the DPE.

In the test below, the 2 most representative one-minute measurements with half a second for each reading were considered, and the relative videos are also available. The first one was registered on Aug 22nd 2019 before the installation of the DPE and the second on Aug 27th 2019, ie 4 days after it was activated.

27/8/19 Temperature:  42° Umidity:  27%
 27/8/19 Temperature:  21° Umidity:  70%
23 83
23 20
31 23
23 21
87 21
25 21
28 21
25 21
23 21
23 21
23 27
23 115
23 19
120 21
20 23
28 21
36 23
27 32
25 72
31 25
31 32
138 28
31 25
43 39
34 23
31 95
31 31
31 27
31 25
34 25
120 23
31 21
36 48
27 115
28 23
39 23
36 23
120 23
36 23
34 27
31 25
32 129
28 23
31 25
28 21
27 21
100 23
27 115
48 21
27 23
27 28
28 23
27 19
31 77
129 20
31 21
38 28
34 20
28 23
34 20
28 18
107 89
34 18
34 23
25 18
28 19
31 25
28 18
100 120
28 50
34 19
27 20
31 17
39 18
28 18
77 83
28 17
36 21
27 17
27 17
27 18
31 20
141 32
27 18
32 87
27 18
28 28
27 14
28 15
72 18
91 19
31 95
34 19
28 23
31 18
28 18
100 17
32 19
50 20
27 115
31 15
31 18
23 20
112 18
23 23
28 20
27 120
25 52
28 31
102 23
27 19
25 21
25 18
21 138
23 18
31 23
23 18
91 21
25 18
4828 3984

Total gain:   7,03 mW/m2 1/2 sec

Readings taken every 1/2 sec.

From the figures, it can be deduced a difference of reduction on a constant rhythmic source of microwaves.

The difference of 844 between the two readings must be divided by congruity of detection calculation by 120, which are the number of readings in 60 seconds made by the ED 88T Plus meter. The acquisition time of 1/2 second determines a closer accuracy since it is a very short span of time.

From here we get the value of 7.03 mW / m2

From here we can see a reduction in the measured electrosmog of about 7.03 mW / m2, corresponding to 17% less than the measurement without DPE intervention.

To get a rough idea of the power absorbed by the DPE we consider that the DPE acts in a volumetric space of a paraboloid having the radius of 1 Km and the height of 200 Km. Assuming for simplicity of calculation that the absorption is uniform and considering the flow of radiation that impacts on the surface of the paraboloid, an estimate of the absorbed power can be made through the following calculation:

  • the surface of the paraboloid can be approximated to the lateral surface of a cylinder with a radius of 1km and a height of 200km
  • the power is then calculated as the flux of the absorbed radiation considering the surface of the paraboloid

Since the surface of the paraboloid can be approximated with the formula:

 S = 2π r × h

the cylinder surface is approximately 1,256 km2.

The power that is obtained is 7.03 mW / m2 * 1.256 Km2 = 8.83 MW

This is the measurable energy absorption power of the DPE, now we want to measure it over time so we have to consider 8.83 MW / h (power energy over time for 1 hour). If we multiply this figure for 24 hours we will have as much as 211.92 MW per day.

211.92 MW Energy Absorption per Day

This is the scientific demonstration of how the strength of a power of a meteorological event, of an earthquake and of other static energies dangerous for man and the environment in the DPE area can be diminished.

We specify that this is only one of the measured energies but in reality the greatest work of the DPE takes place at the level of subtle energies extremely difficult to measure.


Alternatives to this type of solution are very few and are the right ones, they could only be systems similar to ours and therefore with a direct connection to the ground with ground discharge.

On the market it is possible to buy equipment or even very expensive systems that are portable, to put at home or smaller to carry with them that would block the RF of the microwaves.

These devices have no demonstrable scientific evidence with reliable and irrefutable tests as we believe they cannot function according to the laws of physics.

As for fabrics that would shield from 5G or microwaves in general, they are the result of pure commercial needs, not designed by any in-depth scientific research.

In fact, even though the shielding is true, the damage caused is far worse than the microwaves themselves ….

In fact the effect obtained is to close in a microwave oven and turn it on slowly. Let’s see why …

1) The heat is not perceived by the internal organs as the thermal cutaneous sensors are external and therefore a slow cooking takes place day by day as the shielding clothes create a Faraday cage exactly like that of the microwave ovens; in fact you can notice on the glass of the oven small metal lines to keep the microwaves out. So microwaves penetrate both from the uncovered areas and bounce inside the body as they can’t get out of it overheat.

2) The second source of heat is due to the friction of the microwaves outside the fabric that generate heat inside for a resonance effect.

Also this type of resonance creates the heat starting from the center of the body towards the outside so that it does not become perceptible by the sensors of the skin temperature. The resonance effect and the heat propagation direction are explained and shown in the link below.

The ideal oscillation frequency for humans is exactly the same as in the microwave experiment with grapes, ie 10 Hz.

Since this is only a summary it is possible to read our scientific presentation or visit the link below on the subject:


3) The exposure of the body to the points mentioned above creates an alteration of the biomagnetism of the body.

To understand how this happens, do the following test, we did it ….

We measured the microtesla without a magnet and they were 20,022 microtesla.

Then we took a magnet and measured the 412.00 microtesla that were in that specific position and distance.

We wrapped the magnet in a plastic bag and exposed for 60 sec to 2428 MHz.

We immediately measured the magnet again in the same position and distance but the microtesla had gone down to 296.86. Another important detail was that the magnet became very hot. we cooled with running water and dried and the microtesla had fallen further to 67,179.

In a certain sense it is very similar to what it is currently happening to the earth and we are in this situation …..

The sun is hitting the earth with large amounts of radiations, to which the cosmic ones are added, all of which overheats the planet and reduces the strength of the earth’s magnetic field, which prevents it from accumulating inside it so that it can enhance the magnetosphere.

The details of this process are explained in our scientific presentation.


This has a further effect on man as the parameters of the 7.8 Hz of the Schumann resonance change which currently has reached 16.5 Hz with peaks up to 30 Hz. The 7.8 Hz frequency has been for miles of years almost always the same and the human brain is created and harmonized with it, the sudden change creates imbalances with the alpha and theta waves of the brain and its activity.


Davide, age 54, lives in Sardinia (Italy) as a building contractor, a highly educated person.

For 25 years he has been suffering from uncontrolled tremors and sweats that cause him to sleep at night. He tried to solve the problem from the medical point of view by spending large sums of money on visits and neurological therapies but without arriving at a result or having an aggravation of the situation over time.

The inventor of the DPE 100 immediately understood that the cause of the problem was electromagnetic pollution, in fact the person has been living in the same place for 35 years.

This pollution is caused by stray electromagnetic currents combined with geopathies.

So with the help of the Engineer Prof. Elio S. electronic engineer as well as industrial electronic expert specialized also in electromagnetic pollution he went with the inventor to do a verification of the environmental situation and see how the DPE 100 interacted with electromagnetic pollution .

The small excavation has been made inserted the DPE 100 and put inside of it of the water.

A drastic reduction in electromagnetic pollution values was noted and a further confirmation of the reduction was when Mr. Davide confirmed that he had slept beautifully and without tremors for the first time, something that had not happened for years. and that he was creating big problems with concentration in work.

Another testimony is that of two children, Francesca T. from Veneto (Italy) who presented the classic radiation burns where the detachment of significant skin portions with severe pain, insomnia, etc. occurred.

The parents had brought them to the best specialist doctors throughout Europe without finding solutions.

After many hardships they had the chance to meet the inventor of the DPE 100 who immediately explained to him that the children had damage due to radiation exposures and that with a portable version of the DPE 100 with special ground connections it could immediately solve the problem indeed within 3 days the boys had returned to normal.

Needless to say, the parents were skeptical at first because they did not know that high-voltage electrical cables were running under their house, but the strongest emotion was seeing their children completely restored. Their feeling of gratitude was truly profound.

Testimony of Claudio L. in the Lombardy region (Italy).

On 11 June 2019 a hailstorm with grains of 4 cm in diameter caused considerable damage in the villages near Lucca, but only in the area where the DPE 100 was positioned did only rain occur.

The witness was amazed to see tested the circular coverage area of more than 1 km radius of the DPE 100, outside which large grains fell which caused damage to the entire area outside it.

Testimony of Giovanni L. in the Puglia region (Italy).

He could see a positive change in the climate, more harmonious, with less temperature changes, the sky cleaner, the daylight different and the air has become more light and clean, different.

A surprising finding was that the bad smells of a farm with 300 horses, 700 m distant and those of a farm with a thousand cows at a distance of another km were finished.

An increase in sleep quality.

He also noted a considerable reduction in the number of predicted weather forecasts and those that actually occurred. It is surprising to see again today the thunderstorms we used to see as children and that we had already forgotten.

Although heavy weather was forecast with hail, the meteorological situation was moderate over the entire area of action of the DPE, but outside the area the expected meteorological situation occurred.


Testimony by Daniele G. in the Emilia Romagna region (Italy).

He also confirmed the different and positive meteorological situation within the area of the DPE 100. The different air quality, the better quality of sleep, the decrease in stress and the feeling of living as in a “protected” area. Normal rainfall unlike the expected weather.